Why Flair3D?

Flair3D is an easy-to-use online SaaS application for project management that helps to visualize your project in a 3D space and monitor processes and progress more efficiently. Our unique scheduling tool can be used with or without IoT sensor data, is software agnostic and allows you to create 4D simulations in just a few clicks!

We want to help you succeed on your projects, by providing affordable tool, that automates tedious processes and gives you more time for more important stuff.

That's why we offer a free trial of the latest version of Flair3D so you can test it yourself and see how we can help you.

Fri, November 11th 3:32 PM

We all know how important scheduling is in construction. Our clients always expect us to deliver the project "on time and on budget".

And what is the reality? Typically the projects are 20% overtime and overbudget. This generates extra cost for the client. Why is this happening? What is the problem in construction? Take a look at the facts below:

  • Limited number of affordable digital solutions (manual data transfer in 50% of firms)
  • Decentralized storage (96% of data remains unused)
  • Low productivity (13% of time spent on data search)

Did you know, that during the pandemic construction industry in US lost more than 60 Billion in GDP and more than million jobs? The major reason was, that they couldn’t perform their work remotely. And of course, we are not talking about the on-site labor (the building will not build itself), but about the project management.

Currently available an constantly improving construction technology of the future allows for remote project control, and Flair3D is a living example of affordable solutions with centralized technical database, that can improve efficiency and save money on your project.

Our 4D Scheduling tool is able to not only instantly outline the pace of the work but also - with use of IoT technology - visually represent current situation on site, including trades location, material delivery and much more.

To get a better, LIVE view of the construction progress and the in-out flow on the active construction site, start from testing our 4D simulation in Flair3D. Check how easy it is to export schedule form your scheduling tool, import it to Flair3D, visualize it, share with your team and when needed, export it back and forth without the need of reassigning model elements to the tasks.

Incorporate any changes in your schedule with just a few clicks! Test Automated Scheduling in Flair3D and send us your feedback to claim your surprise!

Contact us today to find out how we can integrate your schedule with IoT sensors to automate scheduling process further!

Modify simulation with just a few clicks!

Fri, November 4th 1:06 AM

Hi Friend

Imagine an app that does it all for you. With Flair3D you can create, publish, and monitor your projects in minutes. In order to see how Flair3D can benefit your company right now, we created a demo for you!

Watch Flair3D demo below

Flair3D Demo - Watch it Here

Thu, October 13th 5:16 PM

Today many large technology players provide their Digital Twins solutions in various industries. Some of them are non-customizable, out of the box applications focusing on specific aspects, while others are more developer-focused platforms with tools to create your own Digital Twin apps from scratch.

The easiest way to discover the benefits of Digital Twins is by testing capabilities of already available industry - specific solutions and by engaging experienced service providers who can customize them and quickly deliver to you a solution, that actually meets your needs.

Get-Tech is able to assist you in your Digital Twin journey by bringing our Digital Twin Viewer – Flair3D to the center of your twin.

Check out our blog ->

Digital Twins solutions for construction and facility management

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Fri, August 12th 7:30 PM

Imagine sitting in your home office and getting updates from the active construction site including live streaming of the trades assignment and location in a 3D enviornment. Now let's add a 4D simulation of construction to visualize current situation on site. Wouldn't it significantly save you time spent on scheduling and progress monitoring?

Stop right there as it has just become reality! Flair3D and its advanced technology can visualize real time IoT sensors data inside a BIM model and has integrated scheduling tool to compare planned vs actual activity on site and instanlty update your schedule. Increase your productivity and get more accurate results with Flair3D!

Contact us today to explore further!

4D Simulation and IOT

Flair3D helps to visualize buildings, IoT sensors, simulations and related data in 3D space and manage projects more efficiently by using Digital Twins of buildings.

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Fri, August 5th 4:07 PM

Do you know that you can now create 4D simulations online, with no software installation required? You can also combine various file types together as Flair3D is software agnostic! Just upload your files + schedule in excel format and use our new AUTO-assign feature to automatically assign the elements to the tasks!

Now imagine sharing these 4D simulations with the stakeholders and the owners on the cloud! Sounds interesting, right? It is possible now, with the Scheduler feature in Flair3D!

Start saving time and get more productive with Flair3D!

Give it a try for free:

Automated simulation based on schedule and model parameters

Flair3D helps to visualize buildings, IoT sensors, simulations and related data in 3D space and manage projects more efficiently by using Digital Twins of buildings.

Fri, July 29th 11:52 AM

Have you ever attended Collision Conf before? This year we have attended the first time, and we had a blast! Our busy Alpha program booth showcasing Flair3D had new visitors every 5 min and although we almost lost our voices from speaking so much, we are happy that we connected with so many innovators and forward thinkers during this event!

We got a chance to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of our unique, IoT-focused Digital Twin solution Flair3D to a variety of like-minded industry professionals and innovators. We discussed how we can help clients to create their model, integrate their data from various sources, and create a customized turn-key Digital Twin which will help them to save 20% of time and cost during the construction and operation of their building.

Collision brings together the world’s best speakers, tech’s leading companies and top members of the media to experience what Politico calls

"Olympics of Tech"

ALPHA Program shines a spotlight on early-stage startups with outstanding potential, connecting them with the world's most influential people and companies. It helps to connect with journalists from leading publications to top-tier investors across the world.

As a cutting-edge solution for construction and property management, Flair3D was a perfect fit for the Alpha program!
After years of development, testing, piloting, customer feedback and continuous improvements it is now ready to be commercialized and utilized to bring the valuable benefits for our users!

Flair3D is here to visualize buildings, IoT sensors, simulations and related data in 3D space and manage projects more efficiently by using Digital Twins of buildings.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts as an investor or partner, please reach out to discuss possible opportunities, and if you missed us at the event or want to learn more, please reach out by email, at

Thu, July 28th 2:22 PM

Many thanks to the BIMWize Inc. team and their great host Chetna Chauhan for putting together this interesting podcast about #DigitalTwins and #smartcity collaboration platform and how GET-TECH Innovative Solutions Inc.'s own tools like Flair3D and Utopia - Smart City Hub can help to facilitate the latest technology adoption in the #AECOO industry.

Follow the link below to see the entire interview where Magdalena tells us about the development of the two platforms and the Digital Twin journey so far.

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Tue, May 3rd 9:50 PM

Virtual 3D replicas of buildings provide a myriad of means and methods to analyze and monitor the living building, from the very moment it was created as a sketch on a napkin to the moment it ends its life in a pile of debris. They can generate various benefits during all phases of a building life-cycle.

Well Planned is Already Half-Done

Follow the below link to an article published in Building Transformations' Innovation Spotlight Publication 2022 for some valuable insights shared by our Founder and CEO, Magdalena Ordyniec who takes a deep dive into how Digital Twins can enhance design, construction and operation of buildings and how interoperability can change the game.

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Mon, April 25th 8:22 PM